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Introducing: A Stone of Hope

A weekly newsletter with actionable steps you can take to help stop gun violence in America.

  • I will never ask you for money or share your information.
  • I am not politically affiliated with anyone.
  • I'm not running for anything. 
I'm just a mom and a writer who wants to help answer the question: what can I do?

Like so many other parents in this country, I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines angry and terrified as another mass shooting plays out on our TVs. But, knowing what to do can seem overwhelming. I have spent two years working with survivors of gun violence and ten years advocating for safer schools and public spaces for our children. Too often solutions are connected to political campaigns or candidates. Action doesn't have to equal donations. There are things you can do each week to let your voice be heard, to weigh in on this issue, without the barrier to entry of money. 

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As Martin Luther King said, "Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope."

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